Floor Press for Core Strength
with Kettlebells
Presses, Flys, and Pull Overs
Floor Press for Core Strength:
This exercise is a core builder.  Your abs and core are required during the entire execution of this exercise.

Watch the video and notice the how much the core is incorportated into these supine (bench/floor) presses.

Execute this exercise as you see it in the video.  From the starting position, clean the kettlebells to your chest, lay back in a prone position (one leg at a time), do presses, flys, and pull-overs as you normally would with dumbells, and return to the starting position with a kip-up.

In this core building exercise you will want to keep your heels a few inches off the floor and and your shoulder blades raised just clear of the floor.

This Floor Press with Kettlebells exercise will strengthen your core - no doubt.

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