Push Up Position Lat Pull
with a Kettlebell
Push Up Position Lat Pull
This exercise does it; forearm strength/hand strength, deltoid, back, lat, and core strength PLUS!  This is my favorite kettlebell exercise for kayak fitness.

Here is an example designing your own kettlebell exercise for kayak fitness.  I wanted to use in one fluid motion several muscle groups that are important to the kayak forward stroke - shoulders, back, lat, and central core.

The forward stroke employs muscles from your feet to your hands; grip strength, core area torso twist, elbow flex, shoulder raise, and lat pull.  Also, the forward stroke incorporates upper back, upper arm, and forearm which this exercise definitely addresses.

1. Assume the push up position with one kettlebell laying just outside of the chest, reach across with the opposite hand, grab the kettlebell...

2. Pull the kettlebell out from below the chest, out to the side of the body and across the hip...

3. Continue pulling, twist your shoulder girdle and pull around the side until the lat is completely flexed.

4. Return to starting position smoothly.
push up position lat pull start
kayak fitness exercise
a kettlebell lat pull
a lat pull for kayak fitness
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