Primal Power Pull-Up
This is a kettlebell exercise that I came up with.  I call it Power to the People - Full Metal Hookup.

I have a lot of fun with this exercise as you can tell by the reading the article below.

Pull up power is the best measure of strength to weight ratio for the human paddler. Are there non- human paddlers you ask? Yes there are, and I have paddled with some of them.

Pull ups are one the best ways to develop the pulling power needed for continued all day paddling and the raw strength needed for powering head on into high winds and wind driven waves OR for paddling against the current for hours.

WARNING! - Power to the People - Full Metal Hookup is an extreme kettlebell pull up exercise, developed and recommended only for PADDLING COMRADES who like their kayak fitness training tough.  You need to have basic pull up strength before attempting this exercise.

Required Equipment:
1. Pull up bar #1 - set up a pull up bar that you can reach comfortably from the ground or reach with a little jump.
2. Pull up bar #2 - set up another pull up bar higher than the first that you can reach (one arm at a time) from the pull up position on the first bar.

3. Two kettlebells - the kettlebells that I am using in these pictures are 8kg (18lbs) apiece. Kettlebells are available in a progression of weights.  9lbs are the smallest, which I recommend when first starting this exercise.

Paddling Requires and Develops
1. Grip strength - holding the paddle all day, especially in winds.
2. Arm strength - arms are the connect from paddle shaft to torso.
3. Shoulder strength - raising the paddle hundreds of forward strokes per mile.
4. Back strength - pulling power comes from the back.
5. Lat strength - the essence of a good torso twist forward stroke pull.
6. Core strength - one measure of core strength is the ability to maintain muscle tension in the abdominal and groin area (look at the tension in my mid section in the bottom picture).
7. Leg strength - forward stroke power starts at the feet (this kettlebell exercise is all about the feet).

This kettlebell exercise, if done sensibly and in concert with other good resistance training routines, will develop maximum paddle strength...I kid you NOT!

Remember, pulling a kayak through the water is a pulling exercise.

Special Notes:
1. This kettlebell exercise requires that you have already developed pull up strength. The ability to do at least 12 to 15 pull ups is necessary.
2. This routine involves a thorough warm up before executing the full metal hook up.

The Kettlebell Routine:
This is a 5-part routine...

1. Warm up - Warm up for pull ups by doing push ups.  And then warm up for Power to the People - Full Metal Hookup by doing normal pull ups.

2. Hook up - Do only 1-set of 1 to 5 repetitions of the Power to the People - Full Metal Hookups.  This is a very powerful exercise, one set is enough.

3. Warm down - This is opposite of the warm up.  Do some pull ups and then some more push ups.

4. Rest 20 minutes minimum - This will allow you to perform one set of maximum reps.

5. Feel the pull up power - Now do one set of normal pull ups 6 to 8 repetitions to re-warm up, rest 2 minutes, NOW do one more set of Power to the People - Full Metal Hookups.

Email me if you don't FEEL THE PRIMAL PULL UP POWER developing from this kettlebell routine.

The Kettlebell Exercise:

Warning! - Read through and understand the entire exercise, to include the dismount, before attempting any part of Power to the People - Full Metal Hookups.

1. Grasp pull up bar #1.

2. Slip your bare feet into the kettlebell horns and stand on the kettlebells.

3. Pull part way up until you can reach pull up bar #2 with one hand.

4. Match both hands on bar #2.

5. Tense the stomach and exhale while executing one repetition of Power to the People - Full Metal Hookup. Repeat if desired.

6. Lower and inhale.

To Dismount Safely:

1. While fully lowered from bar #2 remain hanging and spread your legs.

2. Lower your toes and let the kettlebells slip off your feet.

3. Bring your feet together again.

4. Release bar #2 and drop to the ground and flex your legs slightly upon impact.

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Primal Power Pull-Ups
Pull-Ups with Kettlebells
grasping bar 2
getting feet into the  kettlebells
matched hands on bar 2
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Primal Power Pull Up
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