Pull Ups for Core Strength
with Leg Raises
with Arm Rotation
Pull Ups for Core Strength:
This exercise is a core strength builder.  Pull-ups have always been a great back and arm exercise.  But with leg lifts, pull-ups now become a core strength exercise.    

Execute these Pull-Ups with Leg Raises just as you see in the video.

When doing your leg raises include straight leg and spread leg - this will include more of your core. 

You can vary the use of your arms while doing your pull-ups.  Do your pull-ups facing away (pull-ups emphasizing the deltoids ) and facing towards you (chin-ups emphasizing the biceps).

You can further increase the use of your arms by doing your pull-ups with an arm rotation.  Set up two short free hanging bars.  To do your arm rotation pull-ups with leg raises - start with your hands facing away from you, as you pull up rotate your arms, and finish at the bar with your hands facing towards you and of course with your legs straight out. 

Pull-Ups with Leg Raises will strengthen your core - without a doubt.

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